Poets in Profile: Lesley Battler

Lesley Battler's debut collection of poetry, Endangered Hydrocarbons (BookThug), tackles big subject matter with the confidence of a poet with countless collections under her belt. Using the language around the sometimes controversial process of oil extraction, Endangered Hydrocarbons cleverly draws on texts created by a multinational oil company. In addition, the poems incorporate found sources as diverse as video games and home decorating magazines. A witty, brainy take on the environmental, economic, and human impact of the process that provides our everyday lifestyle, the collection is a debut to be reckoned with.

Spotted: TIFF Kids International Film Festival to feature Great Book to Screen Adaptations!

Looking for some fun for the littler book and film lovers in your life? This year the TIFF Kids International Film Festival will feature several fantastic book to film adaptations amongst its programming. Watch international titles come to life on the screen, including a closing night screening of the newest film from Japan's beloved Studio Ghibli.

Book to film adaptations at the 2015 TIFF Kids International Film Festival:

Is Originality (Whatever That Is) For Sale To The Lowest Bidder?

By Dalton Higgins

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