Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


The Dirty Dozen, with Jeanette Lynes

Mixing the traditions of British romanticism with postmodern innovative is no small task, but it's one that Jeanette Lynes tackles with flare and wit in Bedlam Cowslip: The John Clare Poems (Wolsak & Wynn). Taking inspiration from the titular Romantic-era poet, Jeanette fuses Clare's pastoral world with a deep exploration of the 19th century poet's fascinating life, creating a poetic biography that is a pleasure to read.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Shawn Selway

It's difficult to imagine the feeling of being taken from the people you know and love and isolated in a strange and unknown place. Such was the case with the evacuation of over 1,000 Cree and Inuit tuberculosis patients from the Eastern Arctic to Hamilton, Ontario between 1950 and 1965.

Kid Lit Can, with Susan Hughes: Sex, and drugs, and rock and roll: Writing edgy YA (Part 1)

By Susan Hughes

Drugs, gambling, sexual harassment, suicide, sexual abuse, physical abuse, cutting, death, sex, drugs, body image issues, bullying, STDs, abduction...between them, YA authors C.K. Kelly Martin, Don Aker and Cheryl Rainfield have touched on all these difficult themes.

Why do they do it? How far can they go when writing for teens? Do they ever have to hold back? What’s the most challenging part about writing for teens? And what tips will they share?

I’m so pleased that these three popular YA authors have agreed to answer all these questions and more in today’s and next month’s article. Read on!

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