The Lucky Seven Interview, with Ben Lefebvre

Contrary to popular belief, Canadian Literature was already a robust discipline before the great voices of the sixties came to define our national literature.

No one knows that better than Ben Lefebvre, the editor of the Early Canadian Literature Series published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press. The series returns to print rare texts from the early canon of Canadian English literature. With novels, memoirs and creative non-fiction, the series showcases texts by Indigenous peoples and immigrants from a range of ancestral, language and religious origins. Each book features an afterword offering a new interpretation in a contemporary context. Five titles are already available with a sixth forthcoming.

Discover Ontario one book at a Time with the Open Book Explorer

Open Book: Ontario and the Ontario Book Publishers Organization (OBPO) are pleased to announce the launch of the Open Book Explorer, an interactive online feature that makes connections for readers between history books and historical landmarks. Search the Explorer by book, region, city or landmark and discover mapped tours, author interviews, supplemental reading lists and feature articles.

The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with Elana Wolff

If you think you know what a flip book is, you haven't seen A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love (Guernica Editions), a collaborative effort in translation between Elana and Menachem Wolff and Thor Polson.

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