Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


The Lucky Seven Interview, with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

In 2012, the Quebec Cabinet, headed by Premiere Jean Charest, announced a provincial university tuition hike of nearly 75% to be rolled out over six years. The resulting outcry and protests from Quebec students became national news, not only for the strength of the reaction but for the students' organised and focused protest strategies; by April 2012, over half of the student population was involved in protests, strikes and walkouts. Nicknamed the Maple Spring, the protests were some of the largest of their kind, and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was one of the student leaders at the centre of the storm, as lead spokesperson for CLASSE, the main student organisation attempting to negotiate with the Quebec government.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Paul Nicholas Mason

There is always more happening in a small town than meets the eye, something the two teenage friends in Paul Nicholas Mason's The Night Drummer (Now or Never Publishing) know all too well. Peter and Otis have different home lives, but both are privy to the complex goings-on of their small Ontario town, from LSD-dealing bikers to bigotry of all stripes. As more and more of adult life is revealed to the boys, they face choices that will decide the course of their lives — and what sort of men they will become.

The Dirty Dozen, with Peggy Blair

In Peggy Blair's Hungry Ghosts (Simon & Schuster Canada), Inspector Ricardo Ramirez's only cold case is re-opened when ghost appears at his side, predicting a grisly murder. Someone is killing prostitutes from Cuba to Canada and the inspector has to team up with Detective Charlie Pike, of Northern Ontario, in order to track a killer whose reach seems to know no bounds. Hungry Ghosts is an irresistibly page-turning addition a series that combines tension, mystery and unexpected humour in the form of the clever Inspector Ramirez.

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