Poets in Profile: Stan Rogal

Stan Rogal's After Words (Guernica Editions) is a series of poetic responses to authors and artists both contemporary and iconic. Steve Venright called After Words "a nuanced work vibrant with wordplay, humour, musicality, atmosphere, and style". Stan's work has drawn comparisons to talented and diverse writers including Leonard Cohen, Anaïs Nin and Italo Calvino.

Writers' Trust Gala Guest Authors on Celebrating Margaret Atwood's 75th Birthday!

Tomorrow night, November 25, dozens of authors and book lovers will gather at Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel to fete our country's most famous scribe and Scorpio — Margaret Atwood turned 75 on November 18, and the Writers' Trust of Canada has taken up her milestone birthday as the theme of this year's glamorous fundraising gala.

The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with Suri Rosen

Kicked out of school, on the outs with her sister and sent to live with her strict aunt — so far, sixteen hasn't been a great year for Raina Resnick. But in her tight-knit Jewish community, Raina discovers she possesses an unexpected skill — matchmaking! Soon, Raina is anonymously playing cupid for lonely hearts to the point where she's barely able to stay awake through the days at her new school.

With the threat of a second expulsion and her identity being revealed, Raina races to find a new Mr. Right for her sister, who blames Raina for her broken engagement — all without letting anyone finding out that the hottest new matchmaker in town is a teenager.

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