The Lucky Seven Interview, with Michelle Berry

Michelle Berry's newest book, Interference (ECW Press), has become one of the summer's power house novels. By teasing back the calm veneer of a small town to expose the complexity below, Berry creates a tense, witty and lifelike atmosphere. As the town deals with issues as large as suspected pedophilia and as claustrophobic as obsessive compulsion, readers will find the linked stories, in Berry's hands, cause "the pages [to] practically turn themselves", as the National Post observed.

The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with Carole Giangrande

In Carole Giangrande's Midsummer (Inanna Publications), a young woman named Joy is haunted by the spirit of her grandfather, the family patriarch, who many years before had a vision that convinced him that he was blessed. His children reacted to this conviction in different ways, changing the history of the family. When the family is brought together in the year 2000, that history comes to light in new ways, changing Joy's life and relationships.

Today Carole joins us to take on the The WAR Series: Writers As Readers questionnaire, which gives writers an opportunity to talk about the books that shaped them, from first loves to new favourites.

The Lucky Seven Interview, With Tasneem Jamal

Tasneem Jamal was born in Mbarara, Uganda, and immigrated to Canada with her family in 1975. She has worked as a journalist for over a decade as an editor at The Globe and Mail, Saturday Night magazine and the National Post. She has written fiction and non-fiction for the Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad, The Globe and Mail, Saturday Night magazine, the National Post and the Literary Review of Canada.

Tasneem speaks to Open Book as part of our Lucky Seven series, a seven-question Q&A that gives readers a chance to hear about the writing processes of talented Canadian authors and gives authors a space to speak in depth about the thematic concerns of their newest books.

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