Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


What thrills Amy Stuart?

As suddenly as the publication of my first book made me a writer, I started to see Amy Stuart everywhere, which was such a great stroke of luck for me.

She's warm and quick and smart. She listens so closely that you feel like you're the only thing worthwhile going on within earshot.

Every time I meet her, I find myself liking her better. I learn more about how engaged she is in living with integrity and passion and personal truth.

I don't usually read thrillers, but I liked Amy so much that I wanted to read her book, Still Mine. It was clever, with just enough twists, cinematic, and (yes) thrilling.

Working at home: the fine line between distraction and productivity

I have learned that it's not unusual in that I like to listen to podcasts while I draw comics. Those of us who work on things alone much of the time have tricks to feel less isolated. Music, podcasts, pets, maybe even houseplants or a garden, or both – these can be distractions, tools to help channel productivity, or gifts that make us feel less alone. 

The In Character Interview with Dawn Green

Bennett Ryan led her basketball team to a State championship at her old school, but after her mother's new job forces her to transfer to Riverside High, she finds herself playing alongside her former rivals and facing off against her old friends. With a scholarship hanging in the balance, Bennett can't afford to allow her conflicted feelings to affect her on the court. This tense set up is the premise for In the Swish (Red Deer Press) by Dawn Green, which has been called "a slam-dunk for basketball fans".

JF Robitaille: Minor Dedications


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