The Lucky Seven Interview, with Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl is a poet, publisher and pornographer from Ottawa. In her latest book Kiki (Chaudiere Books), she explores the crazy years of 1920s Montparnasse and the lives of the poets and artists who flocked there. The poems focus on the persona of Kiki de Montparnasse, a real-life maverick, through various formats, from first-person journal to streams of language to snippets of visual imagery, capturing the wildness of those years.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Joseph MacKinnon

Not all technological advances are good ones. That's what, Paul, the protagonist of Joseph MacKinnon's Cypulchre (Guy Faux Books) found out the hard way after he invented the CLOUD technology. It swept the wealthy and bored into a dissociative state (the "noosphere"), and now it is threatening Paul's family. Battling his own psychoses, Paul emerges from a decade of exile to save the people who shunned him. From android strippers to technology addicts, Cypulchre is part cyberpunk thriller and part essential human storytelling in its depiction of a man's quest for redemption.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Dave Olesen

Author, bush pilot, and wilderness guide Dave Olesen is no stranger to tough terrain. After 15 years of competition as a dog sled racer, he dedicated four consecutive winters to long trips away from his remote Northwest Territories home, following the points of the compass. His journeys south, east, north and west make up the narrative of Kinds of Winter: Four Solo Journeys by Dogteam in Canada’s Northwest Territories (Wilfrid Laurier University Press)

Part memoir, part exploration of the north by a true northerner, Kinds of Winter goes beyond northern clichés to deeply examine one of the world's most unique areas, the human-animal bond and much more.

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