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You can't swing a streetcar in Toronto without coming across someone sporting a Toronto Public Library t-shirt or totebag. With its importance to families, children, students, new comers, job seekers and, of course, book lovers, Toronto's library system (one of the busiest in the world) is amongst our most beloved public entities, despite its constantly embattled status at City Hall.

The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with Priscila Uppal

Priscila Uppal is not one to rest on her laurels. After landing nominations for both the Governor General Literary Award and the Hilary Weston Prize with her memoir Projection just last year, she returns in 2015 with Cover Before Striking (Dundurn Press). A collection of 13 stories, Cover Before Striking features characters who are pushing their limits, risking their safety both emotional and physical, and blurring the line between self-destruction and self-discovery. The title story was the winner of the Gloria Vanderbilt Short Fiction Prize.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Mary Jennifer Payne

When Edie Fraser's mother disappears, Edie is left with no one to turn to. Her and her mother only recently arrived in London, England, on the run from Edie's abusive father. With good reason to distrust the police and her teachers, Edie finds herself utterly alone in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. It's not until she finds an unlikely ally that she is able to set out on a nerve-wracking and gripping race to find the most important person in her world.

Humber Writer's School

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