Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


Special Feature! Joseph Boyden on Place and Landscape in His Writing - an AGO Lecture Preview

The name Joseph Boyden has become synonymous with Canadian literature — a curious turn of events given that Boyden writes about Canadian characters and landscapes while teaching for much of the year in New Orleans. Though Boyden returns to Canada, and particularly his beloved Northern Ontario, frequently, living part of his life south of the border seems to have bestowed a beneficial clarity.

The Lucky Seven Interview, with Adam Lindsay Honsinger

Adam Lindsay Honsinger is a Toronto-based writer, teacher and illustrator. His work has been published in several literary journals including Descant and PRISM International, has twice been nominated for The Journey Prize and his story "Silence" won Silver at the National Magazine Awards.

Read an Excerpt from Brenda Leifso's Barren the Fury

Brenda Leifso's Barren the Fury (Pedlar Press) finds power in what is traditionally forbidden — embracing anger. The women in these poems turn expected narratives on their head, transform stories of salvation into stories of destruction. They mirror the female experience with the neglect and abuse suffered by our natural environment. These unflinching, lyrical pieces deftly and slyly question our expectations around what is "natural", while weaving a story of mother and daughter, questioning and exploring.

We're thrilled to offer a special excerpt of Barren the Fury today on Open Book, courtesy of Pedlar Press. Get a taste of Brenda's powerful poems below.

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