Words & Pictures Interview with Kathleen O'Connell, Translator & Academic

On July 3, TIFF Cinematheque launched The Sun And The Moon: The Films Of Satyajit Ray, their retrospective of beloved Bengali filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray's work.

On July 11, Canadian academic Kathleen O'Connell introduced Ray's film Charulata and spoke on the influence of Bengali Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore on Ray's work.

Today we speak with Kathleen, who has translated Ray's work into English and who teaches courses at the University of Toronto on both Tagore and Ray. Kathleen tells us about Ray's writing style, her translation experiences and where to start in appreciating Ray's work.

The TIFF Satyajit Ray series is ongoing until August 17.

The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with David James Brock

Playwright and librettist David James Brock has branched out into poetry with his much-lauded debut collection, Everyone is CO2 (Wolsak & Wynn).

The poems have been described as "never resting", "fun to read" and a "combination of smart, snappy phrasing and interesting, offbeat subject matter". The collection ranges widely, touching on subject matter as diverse as the epic of Gilgamesh and Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

At the Desk: Katie Crouch

Katie Crouch may be a New York Times bestselling author, but her writing space is purposefully far from grand. Today she joins us as part of Open Book's At The Desk series, where writers give us a glimpse into their workspaces and writing processes. Katie shows us the simple space where she creates her riveting narratives, including her latest novel, Abroad (Knopf Canada). Abroad tells the story of Tabitha Deacon, whose year in Italy turns into a dark, unpredictable cyclone of danger, history and secrets.

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