Special Feature: Kaitlin Tremblay on her Interactive Fiction Game, Lights Out, Please

Kaitlin Tremblay is an editor and gamemaker who primarily makes horror games with themes related to feminism and mental illness. Her latest creation, Lights Out, Please, is an interactive fiction game that she wrote collaboratively with an international group of diverse writers using Twine, an open-source software that allows users to create text-based and interactive fiction games.

Today, Kaitlin speaks with Open Book about Lights Out, Please, the collaborative process and the relationship between games and fiction.

Open Book:

Poets in Profile: Bruce Whiteman

There are long poems and then there are long poems, and Bruce Whiteman's poetic endurance is beyond reproach. This fall sees the publication of his newest collection of poetry, Intimate Letters (ECW Press), which comprises the seventh (yes, seventh!) instalment of his acclaimed prose poem The Invisible World Is in Decline.

Taking its title from a string quartet by Leoš Jánaček, Intimate Letters begins, as a book of its title should, with love poems, and moves on through themes of loss and dispossession. This newest collection from an incisive and authentically creative poet is not to be missed.

Photos! The Open Book Salon

On Wednesday, October 8, Open Book hosted a literary salon at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Guest authors Kamal Al-Solaylee, Camilla Gibb and Steven Heighton took the stage with moderator and Open Book columnist Becky Toyne for an evening discussing writing and place.

The discussion started around the idea of home, with Al-Solaylee saying at one point, "Home is simply where you can be yourself." A transplant to Toronto, he questioned whether he would have embraced the city with the same enthusiasm if he were to arrive in the Toronto of 2014.

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