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Comic: What did Ben McNally do when he wasn't selling books?

I must have met Ben McNally weeks after moving to Canada. The details are a little fuzzy on when that was. It might have been at Harbourfront for IFOA, or maybe at Nicholas Hoare, where he was selling books when I rolled into town.

There's something I can't quite pin down, equal parts shared hippy values, a certain sense of humour, a depth of kindness that spills out of his eyes – it's a delight to know Ben. I feel like I've known him much longer than I have.

Finding a connection like that when you move to a new country, like I did, is a gift. It makes a city feel like home faster. It means the world.

“These Two Things Are One,” an Interview With Kilby Smith-McGregor

by James Lindsay

Kilby Smith-McGregor’s debut poetry collection, Kids in Triage, explores the in-betweens that exist just out of sight. Psychology/biology, art/philosophy, literature/legend all expose their connective tissue that often goes overlooked, causing the red lines that were assumed to be dividers to show themselves as illusions. Though primarily a writer of short fiction and essays, Kids in Triage brings together her first poetic works.

James Lindsay:

#WritingTips Mondays: Junot Díaz on Writing in the Bathroom

Where is your favourite place to write? How do you keep plots and characters organized in your head while you write?

The Wall Street Journal spoke to 11 internationally acclaimed authors about the ins and outs of their writing routines. Check out the full posting to learn everything from Michael Ondaatje's preferred brand of notebook to Junot Díaz's strategy of writing while sitting on the edge of his bathtub.

JF Robitaille: Minor Dedications


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