with Mat Laporte and Paloma: About a Goodness (Part II)

 Fred Moten teleports into my living room during the second part of my convo with Mat and Paloma.

with Mat Laporte and Paloma: About a Goodness (Part I)

On Halloween afternoon 2014, Mat Laporte and Paloma came to my house, sat on my daybed, and we laughed so loud, fair listeners, that this podcast might hurt your ears a little (sorry/not sorry). I spoke to these cool cats about a goodness they are involved in: The Contemporary Poetry Group, a weekly occasion of fellowship and study in which on a Wednesday afternoon peeps gather to read aloud an entire work of contemporary poetry. 

with Evan Munday: The Great Unpacking (Part III)

In the third and final installment of my conversation with Evan, we find out what the deal is with him wearing ties all the time, as well as discover how the fact of his having a day job wigs out his fans.

with Evan: The Great Unpacking (Part II)

In the second part of my chat with Evan Munday, we consider the politics of niceness.

with Marvin

with Evan Munday: The Great Unpacking

 I met Evan at Wise Bar on Bloor near Dovercourt and I gave him assignments and he told me some juicy stories.

with Lo

I wrote a post with Lo Bil. And then we recited it--in unison.

with Robert

This is a recording of the making of a blog post. I am talking to Robert Anthony O'Halloran:

A terribly inexpensive friend


If you buy a second-hand book, it has a price and some degree of wear. This book was 48 cents.

Shifting Gears

Dear Open Bookers,

It’s a pleasure to be this month’s Writer-in-Residence. I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you over the coming weeks!

Monday morning, I arrived at the Banff Centre to begin work on a new opera with composer André Ristic.

Up until the last few months, I would work by juggling a number of projects at the same time, shifting from one to the other as the mood struck me. Recently, though, I’ve started concentrating on one project at a time. So far, I’ve found the experience has been a success. I may not get as much done, but the work seems to be better (in all its subjective glory, of course).

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