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Thu March 6, 2014

Novels vs. Serial Television

Novels vs. Serial Television

Novels are big. It’s something you recognize when you’ve got a draft and you need feedback – what a big favour it is to ask someone, a friend or acquaintance or agent, to spend a dozen or more hours of her life reading something that probably needs work. I am always grateful to those who do it, and ensure they are rewarded not just with an acknowledgement and a finished copy of the book, but dinner, drinks, eternal slavery, etc. Fellow authors are good to approach for this effort, not just because of their insights as writers, but because it offers the opportunity for debt-repayment when they ask me to reciprocate with their own novels.

I never stop appreciating the gift of time and effort a test-reader grants. Thanks to all of you – I still owe you kegs of beer.

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